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Adding custom feed in jekyll

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This is a short post to show how we can add a custom feed for a specific topic in a jekyll blog.

For creating a blog on planet kde, I needed to provide a custom feed just for kde on my blog

The procedure is very simple. Every jekyll blog comes with a feed.xml file, which is to show all the posts in the blog. For my blog, the contents of the file are:

If we look closely, the following line is where the solution to our problem lies:

for post in site.posts limit:10 

This is to filter out all the posts with limitation set to change. To filter out posts with specific tags, first we create a duplicate .xml file (let’s call it feed.kde.xml) and change the following line:

for post in site.posts limit:10


for post in site.tags["kde"]

And now, if we open the new xml file from our browser (which is in my case), it will filter out only the posts with kde tags in it.

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