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GSOC 2017- Week 1 plans

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Few hours to go for the start of the coding period of GSoC, and here are my plans for the first week.

As mentioned in my proposal, I will be starting off with the Pilot a Submarine activity. In this week, I will be focusing on the tutorials and the basic structure of the levels of the activity as follows (may be subject to change, depending on feedbacks):

  • There will be 10 levels approximately in the activity, in 3,4,3 format (first 3 = beginner level, next 4 = intermediate and last 3 = challenging)
  • The initial levels will be tutorial levels. It will be mostly used to explain the various components of the submarine: the enigne, rudders and the air tanks. This will take up the 3 basic levels, with each of the components being explaned in each of the first three levels.
  • The intermediate level will mostly contain items like obstacles and jewels in the form of pickups to increase the difficulty curve of the levels
  • The final challenging levels (the number of levels of this types may be reduced to one, depending on the difficulty) will require the player to react a bit faster, the “gate” (from the original “Pilot a Submarine” activity) will be closing instead of opening and the player will need to complete the level before the gate closes, thus require the player to act faster compared to that of the previous intermediate levels.
  • If time permits me, I will move on to implement the functionalities of the submarine using box2d. Also, I will be looking forward to improving the controls of the submarine to make it more intuitive for the children to understand. Any suggestions regarding it is always welcome!

More in depth on the progress of the implementation and mockups of the levels will be posted in the blog, as the work progresses.

For any feedbacks related to the plans, feel free to contact me regarding it:

  • Email:
  • Freenode IRC nick: rudra / rudra_
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